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Local residents weigh in as younger adults continue to move to Temple

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-02 01:37:59-04

TEMPLE, TX — The city of Temple is growing and it's drawing in more young adults.

“Now you go to the west side of town, you go all the way down south, it’s just growing! Everything is just popping here now,” said Temple Resident Gabriel Castro.

Especially in the Temple Medical and educational district. Officials say the district is designed to be attractive to young families, as it incorporates parks, housing and career opportunities all in a centralized district.

“That really focuses on those medical and educational professions, that distribution a lot of commercial development and a lot of residential development,” said Temple Public Information Coordinator Cody Weems.

26% of the population is between 26 to 34-years-old and since 2014 there was a 21% increase in those aged 35 to 39 calling Temple home.

“There’s a lot of value here in Temple. You can come and purchase a home at a cheaper rate here,” said Castro.

“The housing market is really good we’ve set records for our housing market over the past two years,” said Weems.

Some like 34-year-old Castro said he’s worried that the growth could lead to other problems like a jump in crime.

“This has always been my home but as I grow and now that I have my own children, I’m afraid to let my kids play outside because you don’t know what’s going to happen out here,” said Castro.

He said the city should look for ways for law enforcement to build relationships with the community and invest in the next generation.

“I think they need more family things in town instead of putting all these coffee places up and restaurants. I think they need more activities like better youth centers for the kids,” said Castro.

Castro believed the change could increase growth in the city and encourage kids to stay when they grow up.

Temple officals said Burgers with the Badge event June 4 at Miller Park as an event to encourage relationship and interaction with residents and PD.