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Local food trucks feeling the burn of inflation

Posted at 10:56 PM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-02 20:33:13-04

If you live in Killeen chances are you have picked up some grub from a local food truck.

“The response I have gotten since being in Killeen since last April and starting in February with the food truck has been outstanding," said Happy Plates Food Truck Owner Darren Wilkes. "I just hope they keep coming and supporting."

“Today was probably one of our best days ever. Having the new trailer makes it so much easier to work,” said Tacos El Gringos food truck owner Korendia Giragi-Whalen.

Darren Wilkes with Happy Plates food truck says cooking during food shortages and using a generator while gas prices are soaring costs a hefty penny.

“I’ve never seen gas is high and I didn’t expect chicken wings to get high either,” said Wilkes.

Tacos El Gringos food truck owner Korendia Giragi-Whalen said they are also dishing out extra cash for propane too.

“We’re bringing in probably another $30 in having to pay for fuel and when we refill our propane it’s gonna be even worse,” said Giragi-Whalen.

Now several truck owners are faced with raising their prices

“Profits have definitely dropped. We’re hoping to get more customers but then it is also affecting them so the number of customers has shifted a little bit,” said Giragi-Whalen.

However, they do not want to do that. Wilkes started his business in 2007 during the recession. He said that since food trucks survived those tough times, he believes they will make it through the inflation.

“Gas is gonna be, what it’s gonna be. Food prices gonna be what, what they’re gonna be. It always gets better I promise you,” said Wilkes.

The times are unpredictable ... but their love for what they do and their community will help them get through.