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Local filmmakers to shed light on homelessness with new movie

Posted at 7:49 AM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 08:49:15-04

KILLEEN, Texas — “Not everybody’s there because they're drug addicts, drunks, causing trouble or lazy. Some people are just down and out and don’t have a place to go,” said 8 Bucks Co-Director Antonio Edward.

Every person without a home has a story and that’s why Serenity and Antonio Edward are working with Central Texas actors to produce a raw and gripping short film.

“People anticipate the bad and they expect the bad our story is not bad. A lot of stores are not bad,” said 8 Bucks Co-Director Serenity Edward.

The filmmakers say the movie, 8 bucks, is based on their own experience when they also had no place to call home.

“We had to get ourselves out of that. If we didn’t work hard towards that we would've been one of those lazy ones that would probably be still homeless today. Not every homeless person is like that, there are some that are trying to get out of that situation and that was us,” said Antonio.

The Edwards say they were laid off from their 6-figure IT jobs in Arizona several years ago and had to endure months of homelessness in Texas until they got back on their feet.

During that time, they remember others in the homeless community coming together to give food, money and support.

“There is a community out there and they do take care of each other in a corner. Not saying every community is like that but at least one that we are involved in. We felt safe,” said Antonio.

The filmmaker says they’re also sharing other stories including those who were rejected because of their sexuality, down on their luck after a divorce, suffering from addiction and more.

“All they need is a chance and an opportunity like we did when we were homeless," said Serenity.

They believe that the film will shed light on the homeless community and show that they’re people with pride, hope and dreams.

The couple said they received a grant from the Killeen Art Commission to help fund the film. They plan to show the film in March of next year.