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Local expert weighs in on Amy Coney Barrett Conformation Hearings

Posted at 1:35 PM, Oct 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-13 14:35:07-04

Monday, kickoff the first day of confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The confirmation hearings for Nominee Amy Coney Barrett are underway, who’s looking to replace the Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“The senators are going to be asking her questions designed to probe how she will rule in ideology charge cases,” said Texas A&M University-Central Texas Associate political science professor Jeffery Dixon.

Dixon said Republicans are eager to have a conservative judge on the court before the election in November.

“You can take away a lot of 5-4 decisions away or even 6-3 decisions, whereas Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were in the majority. You could see those reversed.”

Dixon said if confirmed, Barrett could change decisions made by the Supreme Court including Roe vs Wade, which legalized abortion. Dixon said he expects Democrats to put up a tough fight.

“Democrats will attempt to stall delay and otherwise prevent the process from moving forward,” said Dixon.

Dixon said he expects to see Democrats and liberals question Barrett’s record of actions opposing abortion.

“When you have a record that is hostile to some decisions liberal revere, then liberals are going to try to stop that nomination because that’s 1 vote out of 9,” said Dixon.

Dixon said several nominees were confirmed as judges while having past records opposing popular social issues.

He also said Barrett may not answer questions about her record.

“That certainly is something that’s going to come apart of these proceedings. To watch candidates and vote this sort of “privilege” of not answering a question asked to then by the committee because it might implicate their impartiality down the road.”

Dixon said he expects Barrett to be confirmed due to the Republican majority in the Senate.

Dixon said no matter if you’re a liberal, Democrat, Republican, or anything else it’s important to pay attention to the confirmations because the Supreme Court is the highest judicial system in our nation.