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Latest incident at Killeen Mall hits nerve for shoppers present during December 2021 mall shooting

Posted at 10:36 AM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 11:36:01-04

Social media was in a frenzy Wednesday night after a rumor circulated that there was an active shooter at the Killeen Mall.

Killeen Police have cleared up the confusion.

In a release to 25 News, KPD said a suspect, who has not been identified at this time, went into different stores in the mall and took items without paying for them.

Police said the suspect was armed, and charges are pending.

While this wasn't an active shooter situation, the armed robbery spree through the mall hit a nerve with community members who were at the Killeen Mall when shots rang out on Dec. 7, 2021.

“What are we gonna do about securing our malls for the community? How are we going to feel confident about going and spending money if they are not taking the measures to secure everyone?” said Monica Sillcot.

It's been five months since Sillcot was holiday shopping with her daughter in the Killeen Mall and heard the gunfire echoing through the mall.

Since then, she hasn't frequented the mall like she once did.

“I think I may have stopped by once or twice but I really don’t go linger in the mall like I used to," Sillcot said.

Wednesday night's incident has her asking new questions.

“The first thing that is going through my mind is what kind of security measures were put in place when the other event happened?" Sillcot said. "What’s even happened to the other event? I haven’t really heard anything. It's very concerning. Where is the community information so we can know that there are boots on the ground looking for this guy and taking care of the wonderful community?"

On Feb. 14, we sat down with Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble for an update on the shooting.

In that interview, Kimble said, “We had a working lead. We thought we had a subject of interest, but that person that we thought was involved has since been cleared as a person of interest. There are many investigative techniques, we thought we had a strong one. We’re still working on it.”

But not much has changed since then.

In a statement to 25 News, Killeen police said:

In any investigation, detectives follow-up on every investigative lead until all the leads are exhausted.    From that point, they either have to have to wait on unrevealed evidence which may be recovered from new technology or an unknown lead developing.

To protect the integrity of this investigation, specific details cannot be released until a conclusion of the case.  
Killeen Police Department

With questions still unanswered, Sillcot said she will continue to steer clear of the Killeen Mall.

“When things like this go on that means the community still knows nothing has been secured for the safety of those that are shopping," said Sillcot. "We need to pour into safety, communication, and mental health. There is something going on in our community."

25 News did reach out to Killeen Mall officials for comment regarding this incident and clarification on security measures implemented after that December shooting if any. We have yet to hear back.