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Killeen Realtors take self defense course ahead of Realtor Safety Month

Posted at 8:52 PM, Aug 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 21:52:35-04

KILLEEN, TX — With attacks on real estate agents on the rise, Realtors at All City Real Estate in Killeen attended a self defense course Thursday to learn some tips on how to better protect themselves.

Francine Hamilton was one of several that attended the self-defense training course. She said past experiences have caused her to make her safety a priority.

"I remember feeling too terrified and vulnerable because this person should not have been able to get, shouldn't be able to get into where I was and so I just really felt like I needed to take care of myself or figure out some way to protect myself,” Hamilton said. "[It’s] an opportunity for me to get some tips on what to do and watch out for and to go deeper into other ways to protect myself,” Hamilton continued.

Stories like Hamilton’s inspired Associate Broker Ron Cooks to keep his team protected.

"What I wanted to do was just bring this knowledge up front for my agents so I can keep them vigilant and on guard so that they are not a soft target for anyone that wants to do them any harm,” Cooks said.

Anyone looking to find a self defense course, whether you are a Realtor or not, can attend a private class with Andrea Forte at Forte Defense or a public class at Argento Training Academy.