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Killeen man arrested for allegedly breaking into home, assaulting woman

Posted at 4:42 PM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-01 17:51:33-04

A Killeen man was arrested for allegedly breaking into a home and assaulting a woman after pulling her out of bed.

Police said the incident occurred just before 7 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 29 at the 4200 block of Gus Drive. According to KPD, 23-year-old Marzontae Gerod Williams forced his way through a window on the property and pulled the female victim out of her bed.

The suspect allegedly pushed her into the bathroom where she fell, she claims that he then punched her with his fist, according to Killeen police.

"The suspect was upset at the victim because she had called the police a day prior when they were involved in a domestic disturbance and had him removed from the residence," said Killeen police.

Williams was still present as officers arrived on the scene; said Killeen PD spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez, he was arrested and transported to Killeen City Jail.

As of Monday, Williams remains in custody charged for burglary of a habitation, with intent to commit another felony, and a bond set at $100,000.