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Killeen ISD student wins Disney World trip, meets Kelly Rowland

Posted at 8:37 AM, Mar 09, 2022

KILLEEN, Texas — Students write dozens of essays every school year, but how many of those won them a free trip to Disney World?

Meet Destiny Weeden, a 15-year-old Harker Heights student selected as one of the 100 contest winners of this year’s Disney Dreamers Academy Contest.

10,000 students applied for the contest, when Destiny applied in October, she did not think she would win.

“My dad told me to apply for it, at first, I just did it to humor him,” said Disney Dreamers Academy Contest Winner Destiny Weeden.

“I just told her to go out there and do it so you can see what we see. What I see, what your mom sees, and now, the world will see you too,” said her father Larry Weeden.

Inspired by her family, Destiny spent a week writing about her love for art, plans to open an art school and her experience being adopted.

“I had to recognize reality, just because I’m an adopted African-American woman, doesn’t mean that I’m insignificant in any way,” said Weeden.

Moved by her passionate words, Destiny won.

“December, I came home and my mom was like, I have some mail for you. I normally don’t get mail. It was a letter from them saying that I was a winner,” said Destiny.

During her trip she brought her family, walked in a parade with Mickey and Pluto, and much more. The trip was full of surprises including meeting one of her favorite singers, Kelly Rowland.

“She said my name. I was like what? She did not just say my name. She actually had said my name and I stood up and she start talking about me and the things that I’ve done,” said Destiny.

She said she had a good time and now she knows she can inspire other kids like her.

“I was picked to be where I am and I know where I belong. I’m in a loving home surrounded by laughter and blessings. I will never succumb to the lakes with someone who is never before me to begin with,” said Destiny.