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Killeen ISD special education students learn life skills at Peaceable Kingdom by Variety

Posted at 8:50 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-25 16:39:56-04

Today special ed students at Killeen ISD got a taste of independence at Peaceable Kingdom.

Stepping into one's independence is key and volunteers with the Variety group made that a point today as students definitely had a few takeaways after learning so much in their daily activities.

Anthony Lawson a Killeen ISD student said, “I’m learning... I think I started to learn something in here, you have to work as a team in here but really you just have to be supportive to one another.”

Students got the opportunity to learn various different life skills like how to make a bed, clean a kitchen counter and fold clothes. They learned how to do such tasks by playing fun games.

Hailey Wells shared the steps on how to make a bed and she said it starts with the bed sheet first. A great achievement for her; a great leap into independence.

These special education students learned the fundamentals today. These skills will be ingrained in them for the rest of their life with practice and repetition.

State Representative for House District #4 Brad Buckley made an appearance at the event and said, “The opportunity to compete with job skills that’ll play dividends to their future, it’s one way that they can really find self-sufficiency.”

Self-sufficiency is key and these kids got a preview of that independence today thanks to Peaceable Kingdom Variety.

The teachable program included environmental education, recreational therapy, and life skills.