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Killeen ISD releases proposed compensation plan

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 00:12:45-04

KILLEEN, TX — Killeen ISD staff could soon be getting a raise.

A proposed compensation package for teachers was released Thursday. The district’s plan invests $16.8 million in staff salaries. Base salary for beginning teachers would rise to $50,300. Established teaching staff can expect a pay increase between 6.6% and 10%.

“I believe we truly have the opportunity to truly teaching and learning in the Killeen Independent School District,” said Dr. John Craft, Superintendent of Killeen ISD.

The investment comes after education finance reform legislation was approved by lawmakers through House Bill Three.

Superintendent Craft says this is an important measure to foster positive outcomes in the classroom. “We’re pretty excited with the things that we have going on. That being said, we are seeing a definite increase in home sales and more and more students particularly pursuing our programs of choice,” said Craft.

Central Texas News Now spoke with the Killeen Educators Association President Rick Beaule, who said there is more that should be done.

“Killeen Educators Association is proposing a flat 7% raise for HB3 qualifying employees, 8% for those with 6+ years’ experience, and a flat $3/hour raise for all non-salaried employees. If we as taxpayers want the best, we must invest. Otherwise, we settle for whomever turns up,” said Beaule.

Meanwhile, other districts are also releasing their plans. Belton ISD is investing $4.8 million in raises for district employees. Beginning teacher salaries will increase to $50,200.

Waco ISD is expecting to offer a six-point-four percent salary increase for their teachers. They are raising the salaries from $46,100 dollars to $48,000.