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Killeen ISD parents call to shutdown schools amid COVID surge

Posted at 9:07 AM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 10:52:58-05

KILLEEN, Texas — SOS, a cry for help from a group of parents and others in the community urging Killeen ISD to close its door as omicron COVID cases surge.

“Killeen is saying we’re not gonna shut down no matter what," said Irene Andrews, Safe School for All Texas.

"They are watching all these other school districts around us doing the right thing and shutting down, but yet they won’t,”

With a growing number of both sick students and teachers, parents like Serenity Edwards believe KISD should either shut down or at least give students a remote learning option.

“My child deserves the right to make a choice,” said Edward.

Edward said it seems like the district is not listening to legitimate concerns, just forcing kids to come to school.

“You can almost feel like we’re being pushed aside," said Edward.

"We are not being taken seriously at the board meeting. The people that are anti-vaxxers seem to get more attention than we do,”

The district has not offered remote learning or enforced a mandate for the entire school year. Angela Holmes wants schools to remain in person, so her son can get the help he needs.

“He was unable to get his speech therapy," said Holmes.

"He has an IEP for speech therapy, he’s already been unable to get that. With the schools closing it will make that even harder,”

Holmes said the vaccine, masks and other COVID-19 protocols made available make it safe to stay in the school.

“We’re just gonna have to learn to live with it," said Holmes.

"Everyone just takes care of themselves. My personal feeling is that everything should be a choice,”