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Killeen ISD parent speaks out after child attacked, says attacker received 'slap on the wrist'

WARNING: Some may find the images graphic
Posted at 10:43 PM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 18:41:17-05

KILLEEN, TX — WARNING: Some may find the images graphic.

Bullying has become a national epidemic, and a mother in Killeen says her son was a victim of it. After months of waiting for justice, she says the penalty does not fit the crime.

The Killeen ISD mom says not only is she concerned about her son's safety, but all students.

"If he would've stomped on his head two or three more times, my son would've died,” said Michele Santos.

Michele says in September, her son Robert was attacked by another student immediately following football practice at Eastern Hills Middle School.

"He grabbed the pizza out of my son's hand, and when my son was asking for it back, he refused, punched him and knocked him down, and that's when he started stomping on the back of his head,” said Michele.

Killeen ISD confirmed the minor was arrested by KISD Police for robbery but could not comment on why he was not charged with any other crimes, considering the violent nature of the incident.

"I was angry because I don’t see why this kid was so angry over a pizza that belonged to my son in the first place," Michele said.

She added that the attack has caused long-term effects for her son.

"He has to live with this forever,” said Michele. “He doesn't have any top teeth. He has to use, right now he's using what they call flippers."

Michele says the district removed the eighth grader from the school, sending him to an alternative learning center. However, when Michele learned days ago that her son's attacker would only be sentenced to one year of probation and 75 hours of community service, she called it a slap on the wrist.

"That's basically saying he can go do that to the next kid that comes along,” said Michele. “I hope that it doesn’t happen to anybody else"

We reached out to KISD. Due to FERPA regulations, they could only say so much, but they did let us know they have more than 90 programs dedicated to bullying prevention mental and behavioral health.

In addition they have a reporting system where people can anonymously report bullying and threats.