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Killeen ISD looking to hire substitute teachers, more than 75 bus drivers

District lowered required age, covering finger printing fee
Posted at 10:47 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 23:47:04-05

KILLEEN, TX — There are a lot of businesses looking for workers in Central Texas, including Killeen ISD. District officials say there is a huge need for substitute teachers and bus drivers.

KISD is covering the $50 fee for finger printing to help job seekers save money and to find more substitute teachers.

“This year with COVID-19, the need is so much greater. We’re really reaching out there to see if anyone is out their needing a job,” said Taina Maya with Killeen ISD

Melissa Brown, who applied to be a substitute teacher last year, says the fee was a major concern.

“That’s more than what a lot of people have. Especially if you can go to a convenience store or restaurant or any retail store and apply for free, get on-the-job training and not come out-of-pocket before you get paid,” said Brown.

KISD officials have lowered the required age for elementary and middle school teachers to 19.

The district is also in need of more than 75 bus drivers.

“The most part there is no major shift in needing an extra number of drivers, but we’re always hiring and we know that we need extra drivers on hand,” said Maya.

Several faculty, staff and teachers are on COVID-19 administrative leave with the district. Officials say they want to be prepared in case more have to stay away.