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Killeen ISD in dire need of teachers

Posted at 6:19 PM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-20 19:19:25-04

It's a national problem and it's now being felt locally. Killeen Independent School District doing what they can to keep and hire teachers.

Susan Jones, the Vice President on the board said, “When we have a lack of teachers than we do have to look at other options and that’s increased class sizes, and no one likes to hear that.”

Educational professionals understand the negative affect the teacher shortage brings on students. They're trying to stop things from getting worse, but can only do so much. Right now they have 200 classrooms to fill, hiring teachers is dire.

Tam Jones, a former Superintendent and currently an educational professional at TAMUCT said, “We also have a shortage of qualified substitutes so if teachers, so if teachers need to have professional development or they’re out sick.”

Educational professionals realize there's a shortage in all corners of the classroom. If things aren't fixed fast there afraid it might detrimental.

Jones added, “Dr Kraft continuously reiterates that this is our number one priority right now and that it frightens him to think that the teaching pool is diminishing nationally.”

Dr. Kraft is KISD's superintendent and falls in the category of many superintendents across the country who worry about their students and staff since the shortage began to worsen.

Its a problem that always existed, but the pandemic made it worse.

Killeen ISD school board is still in the talks on how they'll recruit more students and keep the ones currently on board in the classrooms.