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'Killeen is tough': New small businesses continue to pop up across city despite COVID-19 challenges

Posted at 6:37 PM, Mar 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 13:33:18-05

KILLEEN, TX — COVID-19 forced thousands of businesses across the country to close their doors due to restrictions with others shutting down indefinitely.

However, things are looking up for the City of Killeen. The city is quickly becoming a hub for small businesses.

Since the beginning of this year, the Killeen Chamber of Commerce has added 13 new members. That means 13 new businesses booming in the city.

Kendra Davis, the owner of We Clean It Custodial Services, decided there was no better time than now to turn her side hustle into a full blow business.

Most people wouldn’t consider cleaning a glamorous job, but Davis, the owner of We Clean It Custodial Services LLC, says it's more than that.

She is one of 13 new businesses to hold ribbon cuttings in the city this year.

As the boss, she’s not getting her hands as dirty as she used to, but she's still prioritizing people while scrubbing, dusting and disinfecting her way through Central Texas.

"We literally have clients in Temple and Belton, four in Nolanville. We have them in Kepner. We’re traveling 60 miles out to go clean," Davis said,

Although 2020 was filled with uncertainty for many, Davis says she decided to step out on faith and start her business anyway.

What started as a hobby has now turned into a full-time job and with guidance from the Killeen Chamber of Commerce, her business is booming.

“They’re there. They’re just there. If I called them and I need something or if they hear of opportunities, they’re calling me,” Davis said.

“Killeen is tough. We have great residents who are willing to see things through and they don’t let any adversity slow them down. It makes us feel so proud and so happy for everyone. One person's success feels like everyone's success,” said Rebekah Moon, the Vice President of Investor Services at the Killeen Chamber of Commerce.

Hopping over the hoops and hurdles of 2020 wasn't an easy task, but through it all Moon says prioritizing their members and inspiring new ones is what they're all about.

Moon explained the chamber has a business resource center for current members and aspiring entrepreneurs who are at every stage of business development.

“We can help them with so many options. So, entrepreneurs who just have a great idea and want to get started or maybe they’ve been wanting to get started for a little while and take it to the next level, we can help them do that," Moon said.

As a new business owner who is still figuring everything out, Davis encourages budding business owners to go for it and give themselves grace.

“If I have a $45 job I’m excited. If I have a $1000 job I’m super excited, so celebrate every victory that you have because every little one counts," Davis said.

Moon says they are always working with current members and aspiring ones on how to propel their business forward.