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Killeen intends to issue $24 million in municipal bonds for road repairs

Posted at 10:57 PM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-15 23:59:21-05

The City of Killeen is still working to repair roads heavily damaged by February’s big freeze.

Drivers like Brandi Koym say several roadways are still not up to par with only patchwork being done, nothing permanent.

"I’ve definitely had a few of my friends say that they’ve had to hit curbs to avoid big potholes and dodge things here and there,” said Koym.

Koym said Stagecoach Road is a constant headache, even before the freeze. Local veteran, and seven-year Killeen resident, Mary Bryant agrees.

“You see people are hitting those big potholes and those cracks in the concrete. I’m worrying about the winter coming, are we going to have the same freeze and thaw - and the roads are right back to where they were before?” said Bryant.

Tuesday, the City Council will vote on a plan to issue 24 million municipal bonds to take a step toward fixing more than $150 million in street repairs.

“This is going to help us get a start on that. Right now we’re considering contracts Gilmer and Bunny Trail and then will have some of our other high-priority roads coming up soon,” said Killeen City Councilwoman Mellisa.

Killeen officials say they’ve added Stagecoach Road to the list of priorities. They said they increased the street maintenance fee from the current $1.70 to $10 in order to paint and repair roadways, but it will take years to recover.