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Killeen firefighters head to Louisiana to help with hurricane recovery

Posted at 10:28 AM, Aug 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 11:28:26-04

KILLEEN, Texas — The harsh winds from Hurricane Ida tore through several cities across Louisiana this weekend. Leaving flooded streets, downed trees, power lines and leaving many in need of help, including local first responders.

“The fire system they don’t have pumps, the hydrants aren’t working,” said Killeen Fire Department Battalion Chief Cory Davis.

That's why Firefighters across Central Texas are banding together to send dozens to assist.

“We send fire engines to provide extra water and water tenders. We’re basically functioning as normal firefighters,” said Davis.

This comes after a request from the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System Monday.

The Killeen Fire Department is sending Fire Captain Jason Wuest along with Fire Rescue Officer Joseph Stiles to the New Orleans area.

“A lot of the other local fire departments are sending one or two people each that way was not depleting the state as well,” said Wuest.

Wuest says they'll be there for 14 days and bring a 3,000-gallon Tanker Fire Truck provided by the Rio Vista Volunteer Fire Department.

Battalion Chief Cory Davis said they have also helped in recovery efforts for past hurricanes.

“Hurricane Katrina we deployed to South Mississippi and Slidell, Louisiana,” said Davis.

Davis said they have also provided fire protection for several cities along the Texas coast after Hurricane Ike. Wuest said they will work alongside firefighters from Plano, McKinney, Greenville, Wiley, Denton, Fort Worth, Waxahachie, and Parker County.