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Killeen considers adding Multi-family Rental Inspection program

Posted at 8:00 AM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 09:00:23-04

KILLEEN, TX — Many are on the fence, about Killeen adding a new Multifamily Rental Inspection program to the city.

If approved, the program would create a new six-person team, which would include firefighters and police officers to inspect private apartment complexes and quadplexes that are not part of federal housing.

Many say the inspection team is doing what code enforcement already does and the inspections would invade privacy. Others say the move could help make local rental properties safer.

“You see all these children out there playing in gravel or living in apartments that are moldy and mildewed. It’s not healthy for our elderly and not healthy for our schools,” said Killeen Resident Holly Teel.

“We’re living in the Covid era. We got a lot of things going on with the renters as well as homeowners. We're definitely gonna look really hard at this,” said Killeen Councilman Rick Williams.

Others are also questioning the price tag, more than $350,000, believing the money could be put to better use elsewhere.

City officials say they believe the team is needed to match the growing number of new development as well as the cities growing population.