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Killeen considering spending $5.8 million to fix storm damaged roadways

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 23:40:12-04

KILLEEN, TX — You can feel it just about everywhere you drive in Killeen. The cracks, holes and other devastation all from February’s big freeze.

“A lot of potholes just torn up. You have to swerve in and out of the roads to make sure your tires don’t get torn up,” said Killeen Resident Isaiah Ivey.

Ivey said driving down Stagecoach and other local roads to get to his gym is just as intense as his workout.

Since the storm, he said hasn’t seen much improvement.

“I haven’t seen anybody out there on the road fixing it so far. Hopefully, we can get some people out there,” said Ivey.

City officials said they have around $40 million worth of local road damage because of the storm.

Mayor Jose Segarra said last month, the city council approved an additional $4 million to their $1.6 million street maintenance budget to help repair the storm damage.

Now they want to use $5.8 million of that money to fix a dozen of the worst damaged roadways.

“We assumed a number of streets we’re gonna be covered but it ended up being even more,” said Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra.

If approved, they’ll find contractors who will remove and replace two inches of asphalt on the most damaged roadways.

“It’s not a major repair. With that you’re looking at a higher price tag it will give you about another 10 years,” said Mayor Segarra.

Segarra said the council will finalize the bid process and vote on the project next week.

Killeen City officials say if approved, the project could begin by the end of next week and be completed in the next 90 days.