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Killeen clothing line dedicated to providing clothes for all body types

The average piece of fast fashion clothing is worn only seven times before it’s thrown away. The student organization UThrift, at the University of Miami, encourages the campus community to not just donate clothing they no longer want, but to take some of the clothing they have collected for free, as a way of reducing the fashion industry's impact on the environment.
Posted at 6:38 PM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-22 19:38:38-05

Clothing is a form of expression and to express oneself is the ultimate freedom. That's why having access to clothes that fit and are affordable.

One Killeen resident, Jennifer Stanley is making this a reality for Central Texans with her clothing line which provides for every and all body types.

Jennifer Stanley, owner of Sweet Southern Misses said, “I just knew that I wanted more for myself so you just kind of have to go with it, did I know what I was doing five years ago? … no, but am I in a much better place now? Absolutely.”

Stanley started her business 5 years ago with her best friend at the tender age of 16.

Stanley said, “She, unfortunately, passed away December of 2016… been the hardest thing I could ever do, but I know because we started this together, I had to keep it going.”

She's keeping it going for her friend but also for women in Central Texas who need her clothing the most.

Jessica Ghee, a faithful customer said, “… knowing that you can pick something up from her and it will fit is amazing.”

The brand not only provides clothing in all sizes but also at an affordable price.

"I know what it’s like to go to stores not find anything, and get charge three times the amount because you’re just a bigger girl," Stanley said.

Click here for the website to her clothing line.