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Killeen City Council votes to ban no-knock warrants

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Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-28 08:51:44-04

KILLEEN, TX — The Killeen City Council has voted to ban no-knock warrants.

The use of no-knock warrants has been under fire within the city of Killeen since 2019, when the execution of a no-knock warrant led to an injured officer and the death of James Scott Reed.

Last year, Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble announced the city would no longer be executing no-knock warrants surrounding drug-related offenses. It was a middle ground that would only allow no-knocks in certain cases and with approval from the chief himself.

“I support removing this too at this moment because it is not my will, it is the citizens will,” said Killeen Councilmember Rick Williams

City leaders passed A no-knock warrant ban ordinance, with a 6-1 vote. Supporters say the practice is too much of a risk, costing several police officers and suspects and citizens their lives.

Jumeka Reed's brother, James Reed, was shot and killed during a no-knock warrant raid by KPD in 2019. She believes this ban will prevent others from suffering the same fate.

“I always felt if it was stopped then, we wouldn’t be here now. This is not for me this is not to bring my brother back, it’s just to save the lives of the next person,” said Killeen Resident Jumeka Reed.

The legislation didn’t pass without opposition. Opponents say the no knock warrant helps law enforcement arrest a suspect known to be violent and prevents evidence from being destroyed.

“We can’t sit here and say because it’s unsafe we don’t need to do this job. Under that philosophy then we need to do away with police departments then who’s going to be that line,” said John Wilkerson with the Texas Municipal Police Association.

Steve Harris, the only councilmember who voted against the ban, said they should have let the voters decide on the November ballot.

“Why do you support this or you don’t the citizens of Killeen have the right to decide,” said Harris.

Killeen City officials say other law-enforcement agencies besides KPD still have jurisdiction in Killeen and can still perform no knock warrants.