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"It actually gives them a home," food trucks find a home at Killeen Food Park

Posted at 8:03 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 21:03:57-04

The last Friday in June marks National Food Truck Day! While food trucks are known for dishing out food on the go, a food truck park in Killeen is giving local food trucks a home base.

What was once a car dealership is now the Killeen Food Park, it’s a melting pot of everything Central Texas has to offer from street tacos to fried rice, soul food, and everything else in-between. The food park opened up in March last year, but owners are glad to report they are still here, and business is booming

Along one of Killeen busiest streets, lies a food lovers paradise.

“We just kind of stepped out on faith and started it up," Benjamin O’Neal, the Owner, and Operator said. "For each food truck here it actually gives them a home.”

A dozen local food trucks call the Killeen food park home but the success we see today didn’t happen overnight.

"It was definitely a scary time but at the same time I never as fearful about anything, and so I just started it and I just didn’t look back," O'Neal said.

It’s a sacrifice that’s paid off. As the operator of the Food Park, he also owns Simply Good Burgers, which now has multiple restaurant locations across Central Texas.

“It definitely takes the burden off you know having a place to go where we are stationary and our guests know where to find us,” said Brett Lancaster, owner of Sailer's Food Truck.

Giving local and long-time cooks, a place to dream big.

“Before, we had no clue what we were doing," said Jynnil Hunt, co-owner of The Roll-up.

Hunt started her business with her husband last year just are the pandemic started. Both were in the medical field and decided it was time for a change. Hunt said with a huge focus on marketing, they almost have 10,000 followers on their Facebook page.

"The Food Park had definitely played a huge role in helping us get to, where we are today," Hunt said.

“This is a dream come true to me," said Angela Lewis, chef and owner of The Palace Caribbean Kytchen.

Lewis said she puts love into every dish she makes and I honored to serve people from all across central Texas.

"From small I like to cook for me it’s like a gift handed down. It just motivates me to cook more when people tell me how good my food is," Lewis said.

There is indoor and outdoor seating for any visitors who swing by. The Killeen Food Park is located at 3101 S Fort Hood Street, in Killeen.