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Impact Temple Church warming center to stay open 24 hours due to extreme weather

Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 20:26:17-05

TEMPLE, TX — As temperatures continue to drop, the need for warming centers is essential. Impact Temple Church hosts one of the two warming centers in Temple.

This is just the second year Impact Temple Church has held a warming center, but this year, the center and
its guests will face the toughest temperatures since 1983.

"You can come here and thaw out during those winter days. You get a break from all that bad weather and you get a warm meal." said Victor Gadison, a guest of the warming center.

"It gives you a place to come to a warming place. A warming shelter to get good rest and shelter out of the cold," said Darryl Williams, another guest at the Impact Temple Church warming center.

The warming shelter is normally open during the winter months from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., but due to the dangerous weather, the shelter will now stay open 24/7.

"These people have no place to stay. They are outside in the elements, and if they were to fall down and get hurt, they could easily freeze to death out there and die," said Deni Howard, Impact Temple Church member and volunteer.

Due to expanding their hours, the warming center is in desperate need of volunteers as well as warm gear and equipment.

"We need sleeping bags the most. We use sleeping bags on the cots that we wash for them to stay here," Howard explained. "If somebody is uncomfortable staying or really wants to go out, which is often the case, we want to give them something warm to sleep in."

As temperatures continue to drop, the shelter is preparing for even more visitors in the upcoming days.

"Overall we had about 20 people last night, but I expect we will have more tonight," said Howard.

"I thank God for this place," Williams said. "For all the ministries and all the people involved. It really helps us out."

If you would like to jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, or even warm apple cider you should contact Deni Howard at fdivermom9@hotmail.com or Impact Temple Church at (254) 493-5422.