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Holland neighbors ask for solution to flooding problem

Posted at 6:32 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 19:32:38-04

HOLLAND, TX — This week's storms sent water flowing from the highway right into some concerned neighbor's yards in Holland.

Central Texas News Now spoke with one of them who says something needs to be done because this isn't the first time.

When severe weather hits, Anita Tubbs said she and her neighbors in Holland expect flooding.

"It's flowed through here so fast and so deep that it comes through our walls and under the doors and walls. And it's flooded our toy room, our living room, my daughter's room, the laundry room, storage room, the kitchen. It's come through a lot,” said Tubbs.

She said a few years ago, in an effort to help solve the problem and block the flooding that seems to come with each heavy rainfall, representatives from TxDOT laid down a large amount of dirt.

"I guess he brought in like four loads of dirt, I think. And kind of built up the ditch closest to the stop sign," said Tubbs.

However, when recent storms hit Holland, the barrier did not hold up. Instead, her yard took on all of the water coming from the highway.

"Now it's breaking over down just a little bit farther. Still doing the same damage just you know down a few feet," said Tubbs.

She explained if you look down the street just a head of her, there is a double culvert that was able to block the flooding. However, the single culvert near her yard, did not get the job done.

"It can't get through the single culvert too, so it breaches the ditch pretty much and just rolls just through our neighborhood. Through my house. Through my land. Through the neighborhood," said Tubbs.

We did reach out to TxDOT's spokesperson Ken Roberts.

"We regret hearing about the flooding on the resident's property. We will visit the site and make an assessment of the situation to determine what actions can be taken to potentially rectify this situation," said Roberts.

Tubbs is submitting another one of her many complaints to TxDOT and hopes this one prompts real change.

"I just feel like it's preventable,” said Tubbs.

Tubbs also shared with Central Texas News Now that, due to the flooding, she and her husband have spent thousands of dollars over the years replacing carpet, insulation, flooring and concrete.