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'Helping society' Killeen families receive COVID-19 vaccine, booster shots

Posted at 4:45 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 20:13:43-05

As of Friday, the CDC is now recommending that all adults 18 and older get a booster shot of the COVID vaccine. It's something doctors are excited about.

"Anyone ages 10 and up, may get a COVID booster vaccine and this is really to prevent all types of cases of COVID. The mild and the moderate, along with the more severe,” said Dr. Tresa Mcneal, Internal Medicine hospitalist/physician at Baylor Scott and White.

That is exactly why the King family in Killeen is making a family event out of getting vaccinated together.

"I want to help the cause and not be the cause," said Terrance King, a Killeen father. "So, my wife and I got our shots about 6-8 months ago and we were looking forward to the booster, once we heard about it. So, we’re looking forward to helping society.”

Not only are Mr. and Mrs. King getting their booster shots, but their kids are also getting vaccinated as well, and that includes their youngest child who is in pre-kindergarten.

"I did lose my stepmother to COVID at the end of last year," said King. "So, it’s very important to me and it’s personal and I want to make sure that my children are protected and also protecting other children while they’re around them in the classroom.”

Protecting yourself and others is why doctors say you should get a booster shot.

"You have more protection in crowds in terms of preventing you from getting even a mild or moderate case of COVID, that could then make you, unfortunately, a person that spreads to others. Or, you could still end up missing some days of work,” said Dr. Mcneal.

Doctors say it is more important than ever to get your vaccine or booster as more people gather or travel for the holidays.

"You never know when you come across people from different areas. You want to be careful. Wear a mask when you’re traveling and in crowds and best of all, is to get your vaccine,” said Dr. Mcneal.

COVID vaccines and booster shots are available at most doctor’s offices and pharmacies as well as sites like the former Nolan Middle School off Jasper Drive in Killeen.