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Fourth of July Celebrations at Nolan Creek have more action than you might think

Posted at 9:22 PM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 13:56:24-04

Around this time of year, if you don't have a preferred spot to celebrate fourth of July. The festival at Nolan Creek in Belton could be a new spot you may want to try.

The festival today began at 11 a.m. following a parade in Belton and it ended at 4 p.m. Thousands gathered to celebrate the day in each other's company. At the festival, there were many vendors, from food vendors to vendors who sold fourth of July souvenirs.

The Belton Chamber of Commerce organizes the over 100-year-old event and this year they paid more attention to safety.

Randy Pittenger with the chamber said, “We work very closely with the city of Belton, fire department, EMS, public works, parks and direct all of the departments, Fort Hood …to make sure that this is a good safe event for our community.”

An attendee at the festival also spoke up on the need for extra safety measures amid a shooting that happened near Chicago this morning.

Norma Winston shared, “Its sad that Americans can’t enjoy freedom in all of the world but I’m happy to be here in Central Texas where we got that freedom and hopefully, things like that don’t happen today we can enjoy and have a good time with family and friends.”

Still, that did not stop patriotism today in Belton. The fun will happen all over again next year on July 4 if you missed it!