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Fort Hood family offered settlement for unlivable housing only if they sign nondisclosure agreement

Posted at 9:56 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 23:19:08-05

FORT HOOD, TX — A Fort Hood family, whose house was deemed unlivable due to toxic mold, speaks out after they were offered a settlement check, but it came with a catch.

The Butler family moved into Fort Hood Family Housing a few years ago. However sewage backups and flooded HVAC systems left more than a soggy mess, leading to toxic mold. They say it impacted the family’s health.

“My middle son Wyatt was born, and from day one has had problems. He has been admitted to the ER I can’t tell how many times,” said Brittney Butler.

An environmental consultant who tested the home released a report identifying the dangerous mold. It also reads that “personal items in the home are grossly cross-contaminated.”

The housing is owned by a company called Lend Lease, which is independent from the post.

“When they got the figure of what they owed us, they basically treated us like criminals,” said Butler.

Butler says some items would not be reimbursed. They were offered a check for $100,951.98, but it would only be issued if they signed a non-disclosure agreement that also released the company from further liability.

“It basically stated that I’m not allowed to talk about this. I am not to confirm that there was toxic black mold in my home even though I have three different reports from three different environmental consultants saying that there was toxic black mold in my whole entire home,” said Butler.

We reached out to Lend Lease, the parent company of Fort Hood Family Housing. They have not issued a response as of publication time.

“I’m not going to let any other family go through what I went through because it’s not fair,” said Butler.