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Flight delays, cancellations strike airports as holiday weekend approaches

Flights canceled
Posted at 11:45 PM, Jun 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 00:54:13-04

KILLEEN, Texas — Delays and cancellations continue to interrupt the plans of travelers as a holiday weekend approaches, making some nervous that it will only get worse.

According to FlightAware's live airline data, more than 5,400 U.S. flights were delayed on Wednesday and more than 600 were canceled altogether.

One of those delayed flights was Khloe Bradford's flight out of the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport. She feared her delay may have made her miss her connecting flight out of Dallas-Fort Worth.

"Hopefully we make it at don't have to be stuck in Dallas," Bradford said.

A few states away in Utah, sisters Zoee Oldroyd and Tori Story had planned a three-day trip to Waco all the way back in November, but a canceled flight on Tuesday changed those plans.

"We immediately hopped on the phone and the wait times for American Airlines were like five-plus hours," Story said.

Another flight was not available until Wednesday, already a full day into their short trip.

"Our trip is already so short that it wouldn't make sense for us to continue on, so we ended up just having to cancel the whole thing," she said.

FlightAware data from Wednesday shows 22 percent of American Airlines flights were delayed and 8 percent were canceled.

United Airlines was 19 percent delayed and 4 percent canceled.

Southwest Airlines was 27 percent delayed with 0 percent canceled.

The travel troubles come on the heels of a busy summer travel weekend. Bradford said she was already worried about her flight back to Central Texas.

"We come back on Friday. So we'll fly back and hopefully, it won't be the same way," she said.

Airlines are pointing to air traffic control problems, bad weather, and staffing shortages for the delays.

In the meantime, the travel interruptions are causing stress and confusion in airports across the country. Some, like Story, are even suggesting they won't be flying again anytime soon.

"It makes me leery of traveling by plane right now. I'm like, I don't want to travel until they can get all of this situated," Story said.