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Family planning to move out of Killeen after neighborhood crime

Posted at 7:37 PM, Dec 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 03:49:13-05

KILLEEN, TX — A North Killeen man is speaking out after someone fired shots outside his home on Williamson Drive Saturday evening.

“We saw a car drive by thinking it was our neighbor,” said Devon Colenso. “We saw them turnaround and all of a sudden we heard six shots."

Colenso’s surveillance cameras were rolling as the car drove by. Police responded to the area of Williamson Drive and Walton Walker Drive.

“The gunfire in our area has been getting closer and closer, but here, that’s a whole different story,” he said.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but still the house that the family once called home no longer feels like a safe haven.

“I've been through one before when I was a lot younger and with what happened last night and what I experienced when I was a child, it just brought everything back,” said Colenso.

Crime is on the minds of other people in the community.

“In the year and a half I’ve lived here, the Family Dollar that I live next to got shot up, twice my car got broken into in the new apartments that I live in. I’ve seen lots of shootings since I’ve been here," said Michael Sheriff, who also lives in North Killeen.

Colenso said that his family’s safety is a top priority, which is why he is moving out of state.