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Family believes remains of Pfc. Vanessa Guillen were found, one suspect died by suicide

Vanessa Guillen
Posted at 10:16 AM, Jul 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-06 17:21:04-04

The attorney for the Guillen family says the family believes the human remains found Tuesday were those of Pfc. Vanessa Guillen.

The family also believes one of suspect died by suicide early Wednesday morning. Attorney Natalie Kawham said they believe that suspect is the same man who walked in on Pfc. Guillen while she was in the shower.

Kawham identified the suspect who died as Aaron David Robinson.

The remains have not been officially identified. The suspect has also not officially been identified or connected to the case.

The family is now calling for legislation so this never happens again. The bill would be created in her name and create a third party system for reporting sexual assault.

This is a developing story. We will update you as more information becomes available.