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Faces of Fort Hood: Timothy Ferch

Posted at 5:22 PM, Dec 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-21 18:52:24-05

Millions of people have served in the U.S. Army and many of them right here at Fort Hood.

Soldiers like Timothy Ferch, a combat veteran who spent 20 years in the Army.

It's a decision inspired by his father and brother who served before him.

”I guess I wanted to do right by him because of what he went through,” said Ferch, retired U.S. Army veteran. “Not to mention, I wanted to do right by my dad because of what he went through. I just figured well, I come from a long family of traditions.”

As combat engineer he served several tours in Kuwait and Iraq and like too many others, he now suffers from injuries caused by burn pits.

”We were part of a large number that were near, around, and using burn pits and it was just a part of life then,” said Ferch.

After two decades in the Army, he was diagnosed with PTSD and struggled while transitioning to civilian life.

That is when he found a home and new family at Operation Phantom Support.

”So, once I started loving this family and them loving me back, then I got into understanding their programs and how they helped and why they helped,” said Ferch.

Now he lends a hand with everything from building projects to every charitable program he can be part of with OPS.

Something those around him say is just part of who he is.

”He’s all about doing the right thing all the time,” said Susan Kinder, who works for Operation Phantom Support. “It’s a good thing and he does everything from his heart. There’s no agenda.”

Ferch says OPS saved his life and that’s why he has a message for brothers and sisters in uniform.

”These people are the ones to trust,” said Ferch. “I'm telling you and it’s really heart felt. So, believe in Operation Phantom Support.”

Not only does he help OPS every chance he gets, now Ferch is the owner of Phantom Wholesale Liquor and gives veteran entrepreneurs a way to distribute their products.

Something he says is all thanks to his family at OPS.