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Drivers stop to render aide after family of 7 hurt in crash

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 19:07:05-05

KILLEEN, TX — After a family of 7 was hit when two cars were speeding down a busy intersection, many stopped to render aide.

Jennifer Roselund, Scott Stanislawski, Jason Mills and Zachary Rose were among those who stopped to help.

Mills and Rose were one of the first people that pulled up to the scene, and immediately went into action.

"I looked in there, saw the little girl was pinned, started cutting the seatbelt off of her. She was still pinned. She couldn't move, went and freed the door panel off of her booster seat," Mills said.

A few moments later, Roselund and Stanislawski saw the scene, police and emergency units still racing that way, and also jumped out to render aide.

"The car was still rolling when I jumped out," Stanislawski said. "It was all natural instinct. We would do it for anybody in any situation."

A mom of 5 herself, Stanislawski said it was hard hearing the kids cry and worry about their mom, who was unresponsive at the time. The car driving northbound hit the family's car, which was driving southbound waiting to turn left.

As they turned, one of the two cars speeding hit the passenger side. Mom was hurt the most.

"I told him help is on the way and he just looked at me and he just kept looking over at his wife," Mills said, "I just can't get that image out of my mind."

It took an army of people to help.

"He was pulling the rest of the kids out of the passenger side window, and we cracked the back hatch open to pull the rest of the kids out," Stamislawski said.

No one prepares for situations like these, but sometimes you know exactly what to do when the help is needed.

"It was instinct, gotta get the kids out first and foremost, gotta get the kids out, make sure they're all right," Rose said.

The father, Adrian Garza, was moved to a recovery room after surgery and is slowly getting better. The mom, Ilia Fuentes, is also making progress, but is still in critical condition after suffering from three extensive injuries.

Right now the family is asking for gas cards to pay for transportation to and from the hospital. They can be sent to the United National Bank in Lampasas in attention to Jennifer Harris.