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District attorney comments on growing petition to release bodycam footage in Michael Dean case

Michael Dean
Posted at 6:52 AM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:46-05

TEMPLE, TX — A petition for the release body camera footage in the Michael Dean case reached its goal of 2,500 supporters.

The petition requests transparency - something that’s been lacking in this case from the very beginning.

The petition requests the release of the dash and body camera footage related to the shooting.

The creator of the petition, Terris Goodwin telling 25 News "in light of transparency and wanting your citizens to understand why you chose the verbiage that you did, such as an 'altercation of some sort' and 'evading arrest' those are words that have a negative connotation and paint the victim as someone who deserved it."

So far, the only video released in regards to the incident does not include any of Officer Carmen DeCruz’s interaction with Dean. It also does not show any traffic stops.

25 News asked District Attorney if the petitioner’s request is something that could happen at this point in the investigation.

“There is a time for everything,” he said. “In criminal prosecutions, there are constitutional limitations on the disclosure of evidence when a case is active and pending. These constitutional limitations prevent the disclosure of evidence and are provided to ensure a fair trial and an unbiased jury. It is in this regard that evidence obtained should be presented at trial; before a judge or jury and not before."

Petitioners for the dean family explained that the affidavit seen here leaves too many questions.

They cited examples like when Decruz allegedly attempted to pull over Michael Dean - Dean's vehicle didn't immediately stop, but doesn't specify for what reason, or for what distance.

Petitioners also ask why Decruz allegedly exited the patrol car gun in hand with his finger on the trigger.