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Disparities in gas prices seen across Central Texas

Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 11:21:52-04

WACO, Texas — Gas prices are still high in some areas, leaving many to wonder if prices are going down soon or about to get worse.

People are working from home, traveling further to get cheap gas and finding other ways to save at the pump.

Filling the tank, costs a lot more now than a couple of months ago, just ask Timlicia Robinson.

“Gas prices are high," said Robinson.

"My pay did not go up. How I look at it is, $20. Whatever $20 give me is whatever $20 gives me,”

Now, Robinson says she got a second job.

“Just with the gas prices going up. Everything is going up. I need that extra income to cover a lot of stuff,” said Robinson.

Robinson said prices have dropped recently, but some pumps are still very expensive.

Energy Expert Ed Hirs with the University of Houston, explains.

“The cheapest gasoline comes when you have two gas stations facing off across the street from each other," said Hirs.

"There are stations that charge a dollar a gallon more simply because they are isolated."

Hirs said the price of oil has risen dramatically since last fall, especially due to the Russian invasion and U.S sanctions.

However, he said the cost is up to local stations and not oil companies.

“They watch the price of crude and they tend to jump the gun. They are not required to make a loss, they’re not required to give us the gasoline,” said Hirs.

Hirs said it’s good to keep the maximum amount of air in your tires and travel at slower speeds to help save on gas.