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Demand 'extremely high' for delivery drivers during freezing Central Texas weather

Posted at 10:40 AM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 11:40:12-05

When freezing weather hits Central Texas, some skip driving to the grocery store opting for Uber, Favor, Instacart or others.

Timlicia Robinson delivers for Favor, Instacart and DoorDash.

She said the demand is extremely high since temperatures dropped.

“It was consistent all the way until I stopped," Robinson said. "I stopped at 2:30, then I said I’m gonna let some other people get out there."

Local veteran and Favor driver Travi Jay made several runs today as well. He said even though orders are coming in, safety comes first.

“Slow and steady is the safest way and that’s how we ensure that we keep ourselves safe as well as everyone else that's trucking through it with us,” Jay said.

Travi said he’s used to driving through this weather. He was also on the roads last year during the big freeze.

However, Robinson said it’s her first time, which is why she has a strategy.

“I try to do ones that are closer to where I live that are in this area," Robinson said. "I tried to pick ones where I know the route, so I don’t go over any overpasses."

Both drivers say they earn extra cash for making deliveries during severe weather conditions, but it is not all about the money.

“When you have a wheelchair-bound veteran that cannot do too much... it is the little extra that helps," Jay said. "Even though 5-10 minutes of being there and unloading makes their day go by quicker."

“The most joy I get is when I deliver to these assisted-living facilities because I know they cannot get out and get the stuff they need," Robinson said. "I do enjoy doing that."

Both drivers are asking people to schedule orders early. Also, leaving a good tip never hurts, especially since they are the ones driving the road.