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Dead bat at Central Texas elementary school was infected with rabies

Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-26 06:23:42-04

Copperas Cove Animal Control has confirmed that a deceased bat at Taylor Creek Elementary School was infected with rabies.

An animal control officer was dispatched to the elementary school on Thursday, the dead animal was collected and sent for testing at the Texas Department of Health Laboratory in Austin.

"Copperas Cove Animal Control received notification from the Texas department of Health that the bat was infected with rabies," said a release on Friday.

The agency is asking anyone who believes they, their pet, or another animal or person who had contact with a bat, or another wild animal in the area, to immediately call Copperas Cove Animal Control or Copperas Cove police after hours at (254) 547-8222.

"Also contact your physician and/or veterinarian in the case of a possible animal exposure," said animal control. "Rabies infection is most common in Bats, Coyotes, Raccoons, Skunks, and Foxes."

Residents are being asked to not approach, touch, or have any contact with wild animals. Copperas Cove Animal Control is also asking residents to cover garbage cans and not leave pet food outside.

The agency said anyone observing a wild animal acting strangely should call (254) 547-5584 immediately.

"Signs of rabies infection in a human may include, but are not limited to fever, headaches, fatigue, respiration difficulties, possible paralysis or hyperactivity, and/or coma

Signs of rabies infection in pets may include fever, chewing at site of infection or bite, erratic behavior, walking aimlessly, general restlessness, skin irritability, sensitivity to light, aggression in animals not normally aggressive, and generally unnatural behavior for that animal."
Copperas Cove Animal Control