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CTX emergency rooms X-raying Halloween candy for sharp objects

Posted at 7:59 PM, Oct 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-23 20:59:07-04

TEMPLE, TX — Express ER locations are offering free X-rays this Halloween, but not for broken bones.

“Families are welcome to bring their pumpkins full of candy and we’ll get it X-rayed for them to see if there’s any foreign objects that shouldn’t be in the candy,” explained Nicole Meloni, the Facility Administrator at Express ER Temple.

X-rays would be able to detect sharp or foreign object hidden inside the candy or other treats, such as razors explained Meloni.

Foreign objects being hidden in candy is a concern of parents in the Temple-area.

“We go through the candy because it’s a weeding out process...you have no way of backtracking to find which house it came from,“ said Talitha Juristo, a Temple mother of three.

While X-rays can help detect foreign objects, they can't detect everything, such as drugs and other substances.

"Unfortunately most of the stuff today is very hard to detect, so I don’t think there’s going to be any concrete "do this" or "smell this." You’re just going to have to know where you are and who you’re getting your candy from and if it’s been opened before,“ explained Meloni

Express ER said its important to be selective of the homes your children trick-or-treat at, and to ensure each piece of candy is inspected prior to eating it.

“While your trick-or-treating, I know it’s probably tempting to grab some and start eating, but please check what the kids are eating before they eat it," said Meloni.

Express ER explained trick-or-treating in designated areas, like a trunk-or-treat events, are likely safer options.

All Central Texas Express ER locations will offer the Halloween candy X-ray service for free from now until after the holiday has passed.