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Crime up in Killeen

Killeen Police Department
Posted at 8:18 PM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-06 21:59:24-05

Crime is getting worse in Killeen — and the numbers show it.

The city is seeing violent crime increase and an even greater rise in property crimes.

Homicides in Killeen increased by nearly 30 percent. Those numbers are even bigger for business break-ins across the city.

Community groups like Brothers Against Community Crime are stepping up to curve the numbers.

George Yeanue, a member of Brothers Against Community Crime, is one resident in Killeen who's going above and beyond to change things around for the better.

“Every week we go to the juvenile detention center to speak to the kids, teaching classes to them, financial classes," Yeanue said. "Next week we’re bringing people from Fort Hood to teach them financial management.”

He's setting a example and giving his time to those who need it most — our youth.

“Crime is not the answer," Yeanue said. "Reach out to us. If you have a problem with anybody we can resolve that conflict... for me I usually tell my brothers and sisters in the community to start a business and do something to keep you occupied enough not to commit crime.”

If you have additional questions, call Brothers Against Community Crime at (254) 350-3915.