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Corporal Tibor Rubin's Medal of Honor being gifted to Fort Hood

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 19:11:11-04

CPL Tibor Rubin was awarded the medal of honor for his extraordinary heroism during the 1950s. That medal of honor was gifted to Fort Hood today by CPL Rubin's family.

CPL Rubin was born in Hungary but loved and served America.

His niece Debbie Kessler, shares his story, “There have been a lot of soldiers who have been through hell, who do not share their history - what they been through how they miss their families.”

She added, “He said if he ever made it to the United States he would join the military because he was so thankful for what the American army did by liberating him and others from the concentration camp.”

Tibor was committed to his country and though he's a Hungarian holocaust survivor. He was a Hero in the Korean War, serving as a rifleman.

He was gifted with the medal of honor in 2005 at the white house.

Major General, John Richardson IV said at the ceremony, “We are very appreciative to and honored to receive and be able to display Tibor’s medal of honor in our division headquarters.”

Tibor Rubin died in 2015 on December 5th, his leagacy lives on and will be remembered by the sight of that medal placed on Fort Hood.