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Community leaders spearhead efforts helping people register to vote

Posted at 7:00 PM, Sep 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-17 20:00:33-04

KILLEEN, Texas — As November elections draw closer, many organizations like the NAACP are directing their efforts to get people registered to vote; targeting underserved communities that lack specific resources to ensure voter registration.

NAACP- Killeen Branch President Tameika Moultrie takes pride in helping her community, assisting many to become registered voters with events like their voter block party.

"We know that our voting rights have been under attack, mainly those in the Brown and Black communities. So having an event such as this to encourage voter registration, voter turnout and voter engagement is very important in our community," said Moultrie

Volunteers help to provide voter registration services to underserved communities, ensuring everyone’s voice can be heard in all elections. Volunteer Sheena Cadet shared her thoughts with 25 News.

“We do have a voice no matter what class you’re in, no matter your race or anything, you have a voice, and you have people that’s here to back you up. We’re here to support you no matter what...we just want to get you to the first step of knowing.”

The first steps include knowing how to register, what you need to vote, learning about the candidates and the to vote for. Events like these also give those already registered a chance to meet people on the ballot.

“Even if you are registered to vote you can come out can go out in the community and speak to candidates. Ask them what their agenda is, ask them who are incumbents, why you voted the way you did," Moultrie said.

Conversations like these can help hold candidates accountable during and after elections; with your vote in national and local elections.

“We’re trying to live our ancestors’ wildest dreams. You may have your parent or someone that may not do it, but you can be that voice, you can be that difference, you can be that change,” said Cadet.