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'Closer to home': Masters student finds affordable tuition in Central Texas

Texas A&M Central Texas
Posted at 4:44 PM, Jan 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-23 17:44:24-05

WACO, Texas — It's a topic we've touched previously, rising tuition cost, making students decide if getting a degree right now is even worth it.

Lianka Espada recently graduated from Texas A&M Central Texas with her Masters.

In order to do so, she got a little extra help from her dad, “My dad and I agreed on half, he would pay half of the money and I would pay the other half.”

She pursued her education closer to home in Killeen which is a little more affordable with Texas A&M Central Texas.

Alba Cook, Director of Recruitment with the university shared, "At A&M Central Texas we have affordable tuition... we have been named one of the most affordable universities by colleges for Texas, and we haven’t had a tuition increase at least for this year.”

That's not the case across the U.S. though, the National Center for Education Statistics found, college tuition has tripled in the past 50 years and it more than doubled in the past 30.

That's why Lianka took advantage of the opportunity to get her teaching certification with the institution, to fill the hole in the gaps with the current teacher shortage and not break her pockets while doing it.