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City of Temple preparing for potential winter weather

Posted at 4:34 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 17:34:21-05

TEMPLE, TX — Emergency management officials in Temple are preparing for potential winter weather.

The City says officials are monitoring weather in the area, with several city departments already starting preparations in case freezing temperatures and icy conditions hit.

The Public Works Department will have two sand spreaders ready for operation beginning Tuesday evening. Crews will be inspecting bridges and overpasses throughout the weather event.

Depending on the final forecast, the City says the Temple Fire Department is prepared to staff extra response squads to handle an increased number of roadway-related calls.

The Parks and Recreation Department will be sanding the entrances to public facilities like City Hall, Municipal Court, Summit Recreation Center and Sammons Community Center in order to maintain safety for visitors.

The Temple Police Department will also be assisting in the winter weather response, with patrol officers checking overpasses and bridges for ice as temperatures begin to drop below freezing. If there are areas that require sanding or roads that need to be closed, officers will contact the public works department or appropriate state agency for assistance.

Officers will direct any homeless persons to warming shelters operated by local community agencies if they are open. They will also continue to respond to emergency calls, provide assistance to any motorists and share information about roadway conditions with the public if needed.