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City of Killeen to hold special election for District 4 Council Race

Posted at 10:46 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 23:46:51-04

KILLEEN, TX — The recount is over and District 4 Candidates Steve Harris and Michael Boyd are officially tied at 181 votes each.

“I’m not going to lie; I was really hoping I would win off of that. Honestly thought I would but that’s how life is,” said Killeen City Council District 4 Candidate Steve Harris

“It was done thoroughly and according to the law. I see every ballot go through the machine. The Committee triple-checked the numbers,” said Killeen City Council District 4 Candidate Michael Boyd.

Now both candidates are putting the gloves back on to get ready for round two, a second election.

“It’s important to get back into the community and learn what the issues are,” said Boyd.

“There’s no need a dwelling on the pass now just looking toward the future. Getting a campaign team together and moving forward,” said Harris.

Mayor Jose Segarra said Council members need to set up the bout before the candidates start swinging.

“The date for this is going to be somewhere between 2nd of June and 12th of June. Once that is chosen, we need to backtrack to early voting and all those other dates we need to let the public know,” said Mayor Segarra.

Segarra said this is the first special election in the past 30 years and the city will have to dish out something extra.

“We’re probably in the ballpark of a couple thousand dollars. Paying the poll workers, the judges and time that is required,” said Segarra.

There is always the possibility the two candidates could tie again, but Segarra said this will be the last election for this race.

“There’s either no other alternative. You either draw straws or flip a coin because you can’t call a third election that’s it,” said Segarra.

The council will set final plans for the election during their meeting next Tuesday.