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City of Killeen says there is $40 million worth of repairs to roads after winter storm damage

Posted at 7:39 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 20:39:30-05

Last month’s winter storm cut power and damaged water pipes, but it also took a toll on city streets in Killeen after the roads froze over and then thawed.

”The freeze, constant freeze and thaw cycles, it allows the water to get into where the cracks are and then once it forms ice, it expands. Eventually, it separates the asphalt from the base material.” said Danielle Singh, Public Works Director for City of Killeen.

The damage has left roads crumbling around town that will cost close to $40-million to repair but that’s not all, it will also take a long time to get done.

”But of course this is going to take years to fully recover from this and some of those roads that need to be fully reconstructed, that’s the process that will take a very long time.” said Singh.

Damaged roads like this can also lead to major damage to your vehicle.

”Right off the bat, you can damage your tires. You can damage your wheels. You can damage any part of the suspension, ball joints, tie rod ends, hub barrings, control arms, struts.” said Javier Serna, Auto Technician, Mayo Autoworks #2 in Killeen.

Repairs like that can come with a hefty bill.

”it can go from a couple hundred dollars to a couple grand. Let's say you have to replace everything, you're looking easily at 2 to 25 hundred dollars.” said Serna.

The city is already working on repairs, but they are waiting on bids and funding to take care of larger projects.

The city is asking for patients as they work to repair the roadways but in the meantime, it is recommended that you lower your speed on heavily damaged roads and drive in the lanes with the least amount of damage.