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City of Bellmead repairing streets, process will be on-going

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 17:23:01-04

The City of Bellmead will be hitting the streets to make the repairs that everyone has been asking for.

Bellmead City Management and City Council will be taking action to fix the streets, but warn residents that the process will be on-going and expensive.

Repairs will be made through each city council precinct over time (listed below) and The City of Bellmead Public Works Department has already begun working on curbs and gutters, patching pot holes, fixing base failures, and doing level-ups, according to the announcement.

Then, beginning Monday, July 12 a hired contractor will begin working on the first round of streets. Residents who live on the streets will be given a notice 48 hours, or more, in advance to move cars and property off the streets while the work is conducted.

If streets are cleared in a timely manner, the city's hired contractor should be able to complete the work in one day. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding this program can contact Herb Blomquist, Director of Public Works at (254) 799-2436, ext. 6560.

The scheduled streets are:

Precinct 1

Precinct 2
Roy Beatty

Precinct 3
Kane (from Bellmead Drive to south to ROW end)
Maxfield (from Bellmead Drive to south to ROW end)
Lewis (from Bellmead Drive south to ROW end)

Precinct 4
Briarwood (from Hogan to I-35 Service Road)
Parrish (from Ashleman to Fisher)
Ashleman (from Bellmead Drive north to Hatcher)

Precinct 5
Parrish (from I-35 west to New Dallas)
Beauregard (from I-35 west to Elling)