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Central Texas organization healing vets in a unique way

Posted at 9:01 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 16:01:37-04

To serve ones country; many take pride in it and those who haven't show gratitude to those who have served.

As Memorial Day approaches, Help Heal Vets in Temple organized a therapeutic event for Veterans and their families surrounded by the arts.

Veterans made special candles with a photo of their loved ones carved into them. A special way to remember and honor their lives.

One vet, Diana Wilberte partaking in the event today shared some of her thoughts, “We have so many family and friends that were military that are no longer with us ... the vigil for honor candle has a picture of somebody as a memorial of a veteran who died in or after the war, mine happens to be a family member."

She's coming from a generation of men and women who served and now her children hope to continue the patriotic lineage.

Her daughter, Adia Wilberte, “Probably when I was in 5th grade my dad was deployed in Egypt and I could see all the cool stuff that he did when he was over there and had time off.”

A family tradition that will live on. Adia added, “My dad decided he was gonna be in the army and that’s how he met her...”

Help Heal Vets has distributed more than 31 million kits in hundreds of craft categories. The organization prepared this event right in time for memorial day.