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COVID: Cases & hospitalizations rise in Central Texas

Posted at 3:22 AM, Jan 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-15 07:21:47-05

McLennan County racked up a new record high for daily COVID cases Friday: nearly 1,700 after adding 947 Thursday.

“We really hope that we’re not in an upward trend for much longer. We’re prepared to continue to gather the data making sure we’re recording accurate information to the community,” said LaShonda Marley-Horne, district director, Waco-McLennan County Public Health.

The hospitalization rates in McLennan jumped to 24 percent since last week.

“This variant is just much more contagious and much more transmissible," Marley-Horne said. "We’re seeing a steady pace of the same increase across the state."

Bell County cases and hospitalizations are also rising. The county even bumped up their emergency threat level to level 1 which is severe uncontrolled community transmission.

“There’s so many things that happen in our hospitals and clinics every day," said Dr. Tresa McNeal with Baylor Scott & White Temple. "Just like every healthcare facility in Central Texas right now. It is adding a significant strain. As you can imagine, we also have some people that are out sick.”

Local health experts say school cases are a major factor right now.

They are hoping that the spread slows down since several schools are now going virtual and others in the community are taking precautions.