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Business is blooming for local flower shops despite supply chain issues

Posted at 8:26 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 22:59:45-05

Supply disruptions could put a damper on Valentine's Day this year leading to higher flower prices and shipping delays.

There is a shortage of just about everything these days, flowers and glassware included.

However, seasoned flower shops like Wood Flowers in Temple are getting ahead of the curve and ordering ahead to prepare for one of their busiest times of the year.

Manager Frank Hajeda said, "You come to work and say hey it is another day to make people happy."

Business is booming, despite a thorny supply chain.

Hajeda said, "Some shortages on glass. Flowers, no shortage. Everything is coming in fresh."

After spending 46 Valentine's Day's with Wood's, Hajeda has learned how to stem the tide. When it comes to the glass shortage he said they buy in bulk so they don't run into any issues on that end. While flower shops across the nation have been coping with a flower shortage, Hajeda said they order early so they are prepared.

"When we find something, we like we buy a whole bunch of them. Woods has been open for 60 years and I've been here for over 40 so we know how to play the game. Everything is flown in and then it has to be trucked. So, that's where we do have a little trouble everyone in a while but it's not bad," Hajeda said.

Christell's Flowers shop is putting the petal to the metal too.

Javonda Keeley has been a florist for Christell's for three years, she said "We have a pretty heavy load on Saturday. On Sunday, it's kind of slow but we will still have 200-250 orders plus but that is like normal."

Their coolers are packed with thousands of flowers. The shop has been recruiting volunteers to ensure every order gets filled.

"It's typical because like a lot of other things we do and for Valentine's Day we will get last-minute orders for things, and we can easily accommodate for that, but we definitely get the most last-minute orders for Valentine's day," said Kelley.

With over 4,000 roses and extra help on hand Kelley says they are ready for the rush expected over the weekend.

Kelley said, "As a florist, you can't back down, you can't say oh no I can't do this I can't do that. The order is in we have to get it taken care of and out the door, so everyone is taken care of."

Management here at Woods and Christell's plan to be working through the weekend and even on Valentine's day with folks picking up those last-minute goodies.

The National Retail Federation projects Valentine's Day spending to reach $21.8 billion this year; that's a $2.1 billion increase compared to last year.