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Belton High School students learn masonry skills

Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 22:36:19-04

BELTON, Texas  — The students here at Belton High School are getting a head start on the trade industry.

The Texas Masonry Council has partnered with several school districts to host a two-day masonry course for high school students and now it’s Belton High School's turn.

”What they are learning is the basics and fundamentals of laying brick and getting a feel for the movements," said Duane Sitton, construction technology teacher. "There’s an ergonomics behind it so, they get a feel for it physically and mentally.”

The students were able to get coached on the process and techniques from professional masons who thrive in the industry today.

The opportunity, and the experienced professionals, showed tips and tricks they didn’t know were out there.

”Something I learned was like, how to lay mud in further distances and longer distances and make them more like equal. Just better quality.” said Rayhan Shah, Belton High senior.

Learning from experienced individuals is a chance that some students, that are already looking to the future, couldn't pass up.

”I always want to learn stuff new because maybe in the future I can do it, and show that I can do other stuff and [it will] help me with the opportunity of getting a better job,” said Shelby Gilbert, Belton High student.

For students like Gilbert, it’s not just about learning the trade, it’s also about breaking stereotypes.

”It’s the opportunity of showing that I can do it, and showing the girls out there that you can do whatever you want,” said Gilbert.

The students weren’t just learning masonry though, they opened their eyes and doors to a wave of opportunity.

”It’s more than just laying brick. You can go into like estimating. You can go into drafting and design. So, there’s just different avenues of the construction field.” said Michael Carrillo, building technology instructor.

Getting hands-on experience is giving the students a skill that will last a lifetime and a provides them a huge step towards a career in the trade industry.