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Bell County hoping to add more mentoring and youth services to help reduce crime

Posted at 5:20 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-16 18:20:39-05

Violence and murder are happening too often on the streets of Bell County among our youth. That is why many are calling for more programs to mentor and give kids something to do so they can avoid making those poor decisions.

It does not matter if it is a shooting, stabbing, robbery, or any other crime, you always hear the same thing ... "It is just another day in Killeen."

“They are talking about the area was a drug-infested area and we’re in a poverty stated area,” said Laroyce Rowzee with Rozay’s Event Studio.

The Northside of Killeen is widely considered the most dangerous part of town, according to recent crime data.

That did not stop, Stacey and Laroyce Rowzee, from opening up their event studio on Green Avenue.

“We want to come and be able to help people get better. Everybody is a part of America, and they can’t cut anybody out,” said Laroyce.

The place is packed with games, new and old, for kids of all ages.

“I just want this place to make it man. I just want these kids not to be hurting each other. That bothers me when I see another one is dead, another one is dead,” said Stacey.

In 2021, many of the homicides in Killeen involved juveniles.

“I told them that this is, their place,” said Laroyce.

After pouring $80,000 into Rozay’s Event Studio, they say it is not about the money.

“I did tell them that if y’all don’t have any money I still need you’ll to come,” said LaRoyce. "It is part of supporting me and part of supporting things you guys want to do. Keep them out of trouble.”

“These kids need consistency. They need to see that you actually care for them. If not, it’s like you get their hopes up and you let them back down,” said Long-time Temple Resident Timlicia Robinson.

Robinson said every city in Bell County needs more places for the youth.

“They don’t have the parents in the home, they didn’t have supervision. So they were free to do whatever they wanted to do. I remember looking for my son. He’s out with his friends and they were out until 12'o clock at night,” said Robinson.

Robinson said putting her kids in the UnIncluded club and 411 House, was life-changing.

“They’re happier and more knowledgeable about other people and how they live their lives, their culture. I think it’s important when you’re raising your children,” said Robinson.

Local youth services offer mentoring, new experiences, and guidance. Helping kids reach their full potential.

“You come from greatness and believe that you are great. I think a lot of kids need the positive reinforcement in their lives,” said Robinson.